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Jiangsu Bangji Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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Bangji Petrochemical is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development, storage and transportation, sales and service of high-end lubricants. The company's products all adopt American technology, and the raw materials used in the products are high-quality imported base oils. It mainly produces various types of vehicles, construction machinery oils, motorcycle oils, greases, antifreeze, and oils for industrial equipment, metallurgy and mining equipment. , Marine oil and other petrochemical products.

Since its inception, Bangji Petrochemical has continuously developed high-quality engine lubricant products, and soon won a good reputation for itself. In order to provide better services to customers, the company continues to improve the equipment and facilities of the R&D center and production workshop, strengthen corporate management and brand building, Bunge's products technically integrate the advantages of the world's major lubricant companies.

Now it has the world's leading pulse pneumatic reconciliation equipment, system ERP system automation industrial DCS, automatic filling production line, Italian precision filtration system and other production technology equipment, forming two lubricating oil production lines with a total capacity of 200,000 tons/year, 50,000 tons /Year grease production line, 50,000 tons / year automobile maintenance product production line, through intelligent manufacturing, provide customers with large-scale personalized customization. The production workshop adopts a fully enclosed dust-free design, fully automatic intelligent production line, and earnestly produces every barrel of oil with high standards and high requirements!

In the future development policy of the Bangji brand, we adhere to technology-oriented, professional-oriented, and energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and benefiting people as our mission. We will continue to develop, meet challenges, seize opportunities, and continuously achieve new achievements. To this end, we work hard and work hard. We are willing to work together with you to reach a consensus on achievements, which is the basis for continuous improvement and lowering its foundation.

The company will adhere to the mission of "leading technology, facing the future, serving the society, and building harmony", with the purpose of "integrity, innovation, and perfection", so that Bangji Lubricants will rank among the world's famous brands, and will do our best to produce products that satisfy consumers. lubricating oil.