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 Silicon Carbide are excellent medium for refractories. Its low coefficient of expansion, chemical inertness, corrosive resistance and heat resistance, makes silicon carbide as a good material for the production of bonded refractory products. Such as furnace, incinerator linings, kiln furniture, fire bricks, refractory cement, electric heating elements etc.  

The low nitrogen and sulfur characteristic of metallurgical silicon carbide makes it an good material for producing all types of iron. Metallurgical silicon carbide can be used in the production of steel as a solid fuel to replace hot metal or adjust temperature. Metallurgical silicon carbide have good protection to the metal and can enhances the working life of incinerator lining. Silicon carbide is used in blast furnaces to increase the efficiency of overall process by providing a fuel source for additional heat.

The content of our silicon carbide could be 98%, 95%, 88%-90%, 80%-85%, 70%-75%, 65%-60% etc.

The grit are mainly 0-10mm, 0-5mm, 0-3mm, 0-1mm, 0-200#, etc. 

Also can be customized according to the special requirements of clients.