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Shandong Huamao Import and Export Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the import and export trade of chemical raw materials, metal materials, construction materials, electromechanical equipment, petroleum products, road equipment, marine equipment, coal, barreled lubricants, auto parts and other products. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Huamao Holding Group Co., Ltd.

The company is strong, focusing on energy development, trade and integrated services. Relying on the advantages of the group and port, based on the main import and export business, supply chain management as a booster, product research and development and talent innovation mechanism as the source power, trade and finance mutually promote, trade practice and trade services simultaneously, import and export and domestic sales Closely integrated. Strive to realize the corporate vision of "creating the most outstanding solution provider for comprehensive foreign trade services" in the epoch of "Internet +", and build a globally competitive energy supplier and comprehensive service provider.

The company takes "market integration, diversification of management, and modernization of management" as its development goals, and promotes the enterprise spirit of "continuous self-improvement, pioneering and innovative", strides forward, keeps pace with the times, and continuously cooperates with new and old friends at home and abroad to continue  the grand vision of development.