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Shandong Huamao Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located in Rizhao, a coastal city in Shandong Province. It is a diversified large-scale enterprise group integrating import and export trade, industrial manufacturing, real estate, construction, culture&tourism&hotel industry and logistics, with annual sales of 10 billion RMB (about $1470 million USD). For many years, the group company has been in the forefront of petroleum coke importers and suppliers in China, and is the president unit of the petroleum coke industry association of China Petroleum Circulation Association.

The Group’s international trade sector has been awarded honorary titles such as “China’s Top Ten Integrity Petroleum Coke Suppliers” and “China’s Petroleum Coke Excellent Importers” for many consecutive years. The international trade sector companies mainly deals in bulk commodities, including petrochemical petroleum coke, calcined coke, base oil, chemical fertilizers, sulfur and soda ash etc. The international trade sector has stable and reliable upstream source of goods and broad downstream customer market. The products involves carbon, calcined coke, silicon carbide, glass, cement, aluminum, oil refining, lubricants, power generation, steel mills and other industries. We have extensive cooperation with most large ports such as Dalian Port, Rizhao Port, Yantai Port, Nanjing Port, Lianyungang Port, Zhenjiang Port, Fangcheng Port etc in China.

The industrial manufacturing sector of the group are mainly located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province; Wuwei City and Tianshui City, Gansu Province. The Group has Lianyungang Huachuang Science and Technology Pioneer Park Co., Ltd., Gecko Technology Development Co., Ltd., Gansu Daoming Silicon Carbide Technology Co., Ltd., Huamao (Gansu) New Material and Technology Co., Ltd. and other entities. All are under extensive cooperation with our products like industrial hydraulic oil, silicon carbide, special ceramics, silicon nitride combines silicon carbide for refractories materials manufacturing which established and achieved great economic benefits with clients.

The real estate construction sector of the group are mainly in Rizhao and Lianyungang. Its comprehensive real estate development, construction engineering construction, municipal garden engineering construction etc. have been carried out and achieved good results. The group company adheres to the development concept of "integrity first, quality first; mutual benefit and win-win"; always adhered to the quality policy of "producing high-quality products and creating high-quality projects". The super large high-end residential project with a total construction area of 430,000 square meters in New District of North Rizhao has overall started in 2022. The project is a mature high-end complex project integrating high-end villa, garden house, wide view mansion and view apartment. Its aiming at the urban high-end market, which create the best customer experience through excellent quality design.

The project “Huamao-Wutongli” of Group’s culture&tourism&hotel industry sector are located in the prime coastal location of the national tourism resort of Shanhaitian, Rizhao. In Wutongli, there are many projects such as coastal home stay, handmade pottery museum, marine classroom, marine taxidermy exhibition hall, coastal book house, children's water park, coastal coffee house, Qinglu tea house, green tea frying experience workshop etc., Its provide tourists with one-stop services for food, accommodation, entertainment, shopping and travel, allowing citizens to feel the beauty of marine culture and humanistic characteristics, enhance customers' sense of marine vacation experience, and create a high-end vane for Rizhao boutique home stay.  

A good reputation for cooperation is the foundation and guarantee for the horizontal and vertical cooperation and development of Shandong Huamao Holding Group Co., Ltd., and it is also the driving force for the development of Shandong Huamao Holding Group! Shandong Huamao Holding Group Co., Ltd. will, as always, adhere to the spirit of daring to be the first in the world, adhering to the tenet of "gathering global supply chains and serving strategic partners", and adhering to the policy of multi-faceted and diversified operations. We are looking forward to making progress hand in hand with all friends and colleagues, let’s make progress together, create brilliance, and make greater contributions to the society!