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Shandong Qimec Energy Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Qimec Energy Co., Ltd's main products are sulfur, petroleum coke and calcined petroleum coke.

The company imports sulfur granules, lump powder and liquid sulfur from the United States, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places all year round. It has a first-hand source of goods abroad. At the same time, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries and the American also are the company's export market. The close integration of import and export and domestic sales and the diversified development strategies have enabled the company to maintain a balanced growth in the severe external trade environment.

The company strictly adheres to the service tenet of "reputation first, customer first", in line with the business philosophy of "seeking truth and innovation, and advancing with the times", actively participates in international and domestic market competition, strives to build a high-quality reputation among customers, and accelerates the pace of enterprise forward.