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Huamao (Rizhao) New Materials Project was invited to participate in Rizhao city's High-Quality Development of Major Projects On Site Promotion Meeting Major Project Mass Opening Ceremony

Time:2024-02-27 11:22:02

Furious Spring,All recovery.Dated on 26thFebruary,2024,The year of 2024 Spring Rizhao City's (WulianCounty Branch) High-quality Development of Major Projects On Site Promotion Meeting,Major Project Mass Opening Ceremony Concentrated held at Huamao (Rizhao) New Materials Project Site.

Vice Mayor Lin Yanqin attended the event and announced the concentrated start of the project, County Party Committee Secretary Wu Guangfeng attended and made a speech, Deputy Party Committee secretary and county governor Sun Li presided over, county leaders Li Denglai, Gao Zimeng, Li Weihua, Liu Shiqin, Zhang Zuohua attended, Huamao (Rizhao) New materials project as a major project in 2024 Shandong Province invited to participate in the promotion meeting. Chairman of the Huamao group Xu Liang,as a representative of the Rizhao City's Outstanding Entrepreneurs Make a speech on the stage.


Huamao (Rizhao) New Materials Project is an Important Part of Shandong Huamao Holding Group's layout in the field of new energy materials,It is also the extension of industrial chain.The total investment of the project is 2.16 billionRMB.After the completion of the project, the annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of anode material precursor and 300,000 tons of high-tech carbon material will be formed.At the same time, the comprehensive utilization of 20 MW waste heat power generation and 1.2 million tons of industrial steam is achieved. While improving the economic efficiency of the company, it will create more employment opportunities and tax revenue for the society.


The Project Construction is closely linked to the Group's overall strategy and business layout.As a group company mainly engaged in international trade and industrial manufacturing,The Group always follows the market demand and industry trends, aiming to meet the urgent market demand for high-performance anode material precursors and high-tech carbon materials.At the same time, the project is combined with the Group's strengths in the field of petroleum coke import and supply. That’s realize the extension and optimization of the industrial chain.It has laid a solid foundation for the Group's future development.At the same time, the Group will also actively fulfill its social responsibility, promote green development, make full use of 1.2 million tons of industrial steam resources, strive to provide stable heating services for the people of Wulian County, and contribute to the construction of beautiful Rizhao.

Finally, Chairman Xu Liang expressed his sincere thanks to all the leaders for their visit and support, and looked forward to the bright future of Huamao (Rizhao) New Materials Project.

With the smooth advancement and completion of the project, Huamao (Rizhao) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will usher in a broader development space in the field of new energy materials, and will inject High-Power, provide strong support and Build up strong momentum for Wulian's high-quality development to reach new heights!