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Rizhao Municipal Committee NPC Standing Committee,Senior Vice-Mayor Jia Gang Visit Shandong Huamao Holding Group for research and guidance

Time:2024-01-03 10:22:57

The clock rotates, ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year. With the beginning of the New Year,The fifth national economic census begun raising the curtain.Dated on 1st January, 2024 ,Rizhao Municipal Committee NPC Standing Committee,Senior Vice-Mayor Jia Gang  visiting and research for Shandong Huamao Holding Group.Chairman of the Huamao group Xu Liang accompanied the research and made the work report.


Chairman Xu Liang expressed a warm welcome to the leaders, And made a detail introduction of Group’s business operation mode, industrial sector layout, output efficiency, etc.The report focuses on the international trade situation of the Group's international trade segment in 2023 and the outlook for international trade prospects in 2024.  Subsequently,Chairman Xu Liang accompanied the leaders to understand the work of the fifth economic census data collection and registration site work,Furthermore, Discuss the specific process and key point of economic census with field staff in detail.

As the first station of the city leaders' visit and research on the first day of the New Year,Shandong Huamao Holding Group feels honored.It is also deeply meaningful.Chairman Xu Liang expressed his sincere thanks to all the leaders for their concern and attention. Chairman Xu Liang expressed will fully cooperate with the economic census.In the New Year, continue to focus on the high-quality development of enterprises, long-term planning and in-depth layout,Seizing opportunities and Spaces,Extending outward,Inward development. Continuously improving the ability of enterprises to adapt to changes in the market environment and the ability to resist risk.To build a comprehensive enterprise with innovative ability, A comprehensive enterprise with strong strength, In order to make greater contribution to the economic construction of Rizhao City.