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Ten years of companionship, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Hope to continue as always in the next decade! Mr. Timotee Bediou(TRAMMO, INC.Senior Vice President and Director), and TRAMMO, INC delegation visited the group for joint venture and coope

Time:2023-11-29 18:20:57

On the afternoon of November 28th, Mr. Timotee Bediou(TRAMMO, INC.Senior Vice President and Director) , Mr. John Cavo(TRAMMO, INC.Senior Vice President, North America) and Ms. Wang Kai(General Manager - China), visited Shandong Huamao Holding Group. Xu Liang(Chairman of Shandong Huamao Holding Group), warmly welcomed distinguished guests from afar, Accompanied them to visit the group headquarters and carry out joint venture cooperation negotiations.

At the meeting, Chairman Xu Liang extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests.In order to enhance mutual understanding, the Chairman gave an explanation on the development history, field division, key directions, and other aspects of the group, with a focus on the 1 million ton negative electrode material precursor and high-tech carbon material project currently under construction. As the business sector continues to expand, our demand for petroleum coke will also continue to increase, and Cooperation between the two sides will be more closer. Chairman Xu Liang expressed that as time goes by, the market has been constantly changing, and we have also changed from the initial international trade dominated to the development path of industry and trade integration.We have confidence and the ability to become the new focus of the industry in the near future.


Mr.Timotee Bediou fully affirmed the achievements of Shandong Huamao Holding Group in the international trade and other business innovation sectors, and highly recognized the company's development strategy. Previously, he had a certain understanding of the 1 million ton negative electrode material precursor and high-tech carbon material project prepared by Huamao. Through the approval of the new project, he has seen that Shandong Huamao Holding Group takes the initiative to aligning with government policies and integrates and gathers innovative resources as a strong driving force for development. This time in Rizhao, we deeply discussed the domestic and international market situation of petroleum coke with Huamao, as well as better cooperation and mutual benefit in the overall environment. Mr.Timotee Bediou expressed that he willing to personally experience the effectiveness and vitality of project construction,hoping the project will expand common development opportunities and constantly explore new heights of future industrial and trade integration cooperation.

How time flies.Since the first shipment of petroleum coke arrived in China.We have been working together for ten years.Both parties have gone hand in hand over the years, and our previous agreement will not change.We will make every effort to meet the needs of cooperative enterprises. The importance of the Chinese market and the seriousness of the cooperative relationship between the two sides have never changed. Both sides have always been extremely precious partners. Thanks to Shandong Huamao Holding Group for the strong support and warm reception, and welcome Chairman Xu Liang to lead the team to TRAMMO, INC.US headquarters to discuss and communicate cooperation matters as soon as possible.

Finally, Chairman Xu Liang expressed his gratitude for TRAMMO, INC. Both parties have been accompanied by ups and downs over the past decade. In the next decade, as always, we will cooperate sincerely and provide strong support. Shandong Huamao Holding Group will always cherish the high-level cooperative relationship and profound friendship between the two sides, promote mutually beneficial cooperation, and make every effort to advance the strategic joint venture projects of both sides, and push the partnership to a new level.