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Meng Fanxiang, Vice chairman of Rizhao CPPCC, and other leaders visited Shandong Huamao Holding Group for research and guidance

Time:2023-11-02 16:39:32

On the afternoon of October 31, Meng Fan Xiang, vice chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Zhao Deyu, Standing Committee of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and other leaders went to the headquarters of Shandong Huamao Holding Group for research, accompanied by Xu Rui, executive vice president of the group, and Kan Baojin, executive general manager of the international trade section, and made a work report.


Xu Rui warmly welcomed the visit and guidance of the leaders, and introduced the group's development history, sector industry layout, business operation mode, etc., focusing on the group to make full use of the resource advantages of the trade sector and the energy advantages of the northwest region, and vigorously develop the silicon carbide industry composite ceramics and resistant materials project. Afterward, Kan Baojin reported the import and sales situation of petroleum coke in the international trade sector to the leaders, and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the leaders about the upstream and downstream enterprises of petroleum coke and the market competitiveness of products.

Meng Fanxiang also visited the exhibition hall of the group, after watching the corporate video to understand in detail the operation of the group's industrial manufacturing plate silicon carbide project. The leaders fully affirmed and recognized the excellent achievements made by Shandong Huamao Holding Group in recent years, and stressed that building economy is a highly intensive new economic development model in modern society. As an excellent enterprise in building economy in the central dynamic area of Rizhao City, Shandong Huamao Holding Group should give full play to its core advantages and constantly improve its output economic value. Highlight the driving role of buildings in regional economy. The leaders encouraged the company to strengthen its confidence in development, study and deploy the enterprise development strategy under the building economy in the new era, and constantly raise the overall development to a new height.


Finally, Xu Rui expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders' concern and encouragement, and said that at present, the Group is in a stage of rapid development. We will focus on the development of emerging industries, seize the development opportunity, land the lithium battery negative material precursor project in Rizhao as soon as possible, vigorously develop industrial projects with Huamao resource advantages, form industrial chain advantages, and become bigger and stronger enterprises. Contribute to the building economy development of Rizhao Central vitality area.