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Li Fulong, Director of the Development Planning Department of the National Energy Administration, and other leaders visited the Huamao New Materials Project in the industrial manufacturing sector of the group for on-site research

Time:2023-10-19 10:45:21

On the afternoon of October 18th, Li Fulong, Director of the Development and Planning Department of the National Energy Administration, led members of the research team to visit the project site of Huamao (Gansu) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in the industrial manufacturing sector of the group. They conducted in-depth research on the major industrial project in Gansu Province - Composite Ceramic (Refractory) Integrated Comprehensive Recycling Utilization Project and its construction situation. Jia Yixiang, Secretary of Tianshui Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Party, Vice Chairman of the Tianshui Municipal Political Consultative Conference County Party Secretary Ma Yueyin, Director of Tianshui Development and Reform Commission Dong Guojie, Deputy Secretary of Qingshui County Party Committee and County Mayor Li Juxia and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

All employees of Huamao New Materials warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders. Li Hao, Deputy General Manager of Huamao New Materials, made a detailed report on the enterprise situation, project situation, overall construction planning, construction progress, and other aspects of the project. Based on the current domestic and foreign industry development trends, a systematic introduction and professional analysis were conducted on the product advantages and application fields of the project.


After listening to the on-site report, Director Li Fulong expressed condolences to all employees for their hard work, fully affirmed the project and construction situation, and issued valuable suggestions. All parties involved in the construction should fully communicate and cooperate closely to accelerate follow-up work, and increase follow-up efforts. Organize construction in an orderly and step-by-step manner according to the overall construction plan. All parties should form a joint effort and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the work. On the basis of ensuring the smooth completion of the construction progress, we should tightly grasp the importance of safety production and eliminate safety hazards. We should fully recognize the importance of promoting high-quality project construction, make full efforts, and make overall consideration to ensure that the project progresses in an orderly manner and enters the production stage as soon as possible.

Li Hao, Deputy General Manager of Huamao New Materials, stated that he would take this research opportunity to continuously optimize production management and absorb guidance suggestions from leaders. Accelerate the pace of construction, actively cooperate with relevant departments of the city and county levels to do a good job in enterprise construction, truly reflect the achievements of project construction through the actual solution of problems and the actual changes created, fully implement the main responsibility, and efficiently and steadily promote project construction.