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Celebrate the holiday together and live up to the hospitality

Time:2023-09-29 09:15:53

On the brightest night of the year, we celebrate the stability of our country with one heart.In the prosperous era, we feel the beauty of the night, while in a prosperous country, we feel a rounder moon with a stronger feeling.


In the spiritual field of the Chinese people, there is always a round of bright moon hanging high. There are chants of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, as well as the resonance of longing for home and the integration of family and country. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a gathering of thousands of lights from all over the country, and the National Day is a celebration of the motherland. Two festivals come together, and the family and country are in harmony. Five thousand years have passed, and now 9.6 million square kilometers of land is full of hope.


The moon is very bright tonight. Everyone looks at it, but they don't know whose home it is with autumn thoughts.The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion, but there are still some figures who stick to their work positions, dedicate themselves, and strive at the front lines of ports and factories. We have carried the banner of the group's development and spent countless unforgettable days and nights together. Perhaps it's for a passionate career, a shining dream, and some weight of  responsibilities. When faith and spirit transcend personal joys and sorrows, and when ancient cultural memories serve as identity, we have ample reason to believe that these timeless ideas and values have enabled every employee of the group to take root and thrive with Huamao. In the future, we will continue to move forward hand in hand and fight together for a vaster sea of stars.


The moon fills the world, the lights fill the sky, and the mountains and rivers of the prosperous times remember the dreams of the family and the country. The moon shines with the country, and people reunite with their families.Family and country  celebrate the festival together, and good things come in pairs.Everything in sight is perfect. The stars and moon embrace the beauty of this moment. Shandong Huamao Holding Group wishes you and your family a happy Double Festival and four times of health!