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Crossing Mountains and Rivers, Meeting in Rizhao II An Undefined Journey

Time:2023-09-28 16:31:25

Remember the romantic and warm summer in the Wutongli?

How time flies,

In the blink of an eye, autumn has arrived,

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with Chinese National Day,

Wishing blooming flowers and full moon, the country is prosperous and the people live in safety.

1 (2)

This autumn,

Go to have an undefined Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day!

The sea breeze in September caresses the waves,

Invite some friends and some family,

At sunset, by the sea,

Sitting around the courtyard and under the sky

Go to an open-air appointment to pursue yourself,

When the last afterglow on the horizon disappears,

The Milky Way is long, flowing leisurely

The moonlight is beautiful, full of tenderness

Fireworks, music, barbecue, laughter

Another year to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart.

2 (2)

Life is finely divided, everything becomes poetry.

Share you half the moon tonight,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy National Day,

Hope you will always be happy,

Accompanying you in admiring the moon,

And accompany you through the long years.

The moon on the sea is the moon in the sky,

May the person in front of you be a sweetheart.