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In the golden autumn of September, public welfare is in action II Huamao New Materials in the industrial manufacturing sector of the group carry out visiting and condolence activities

Time:2023-09-28 10:57:32

We meet pleasantly with the approaching of the Mid Autumn Festival, with a refreshing breeze accompanying us.

People are reunited and the moon is full. Everyone's hearts are intertwined, and their joy and love are mixed together.

As the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day approaches, with a strong sense of Mid Autumn friendship, Xu Rui, the General Manager of Huamao (Gansu) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in the industrial manufacturing sector of the group, Li Hao, the Deputy General Manager, and Li Bin, the Project Manager, respectively went to the Qingshui County Social Welfare Home, the Qingshui County Disability Care Center, Xiakou Village and Taizi Village in Huangmen Town, Qingshui County, to visit and comfort the elderly, the disabled , and the people in need. They send them holiday blessings on the occasion of the double Festival.



Mid Autumn Festival respecting the elderly, caring and conveying true feelings. Xu Rui, General Manager of Huamao New Materials, stated that respecting the elderly, loving the elderly, and helping the elderly is a glorious tradition of the Chinese nation. He hopes that this small move can inspire more caring individuals and enterprises to join in the activities of dedicating love, carry forward the excellent traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, pay more attention to the vulnerable groups, extend a helping hand to them, and send warmth to them.Let the elderly in the welfare home have a sense of care, a sense of support, and a sense of happiness for the elderly, and enjoy their old age in the large family of welfare homes.


The company takes practical actions to show concern for the disabled, bringing warmth to their hearts and making them feel the warmth from the social family.



It is the responsibility of our entire society to care for the lonely elderly,the disabled, and the disadvantaged. The human life contains genuine feeling, and generoue love is manifested through subtle actions. A box of mooncakes and a piece of pastry, not only symbolize reunion, but also convey our love. Let's take small actions to send sincere blessings and care to those in need!