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Vice Mayor Hu Zhiyong of Tianshui City and other leaders visited the site of major construction projects in the industrial manufacturing sector of the group in Gansu Province for research

Time:2023-08-23 13:35:49

On the afternoon of August 22nd, Hu Zhiyong, vice mayor of Tianshui City, Hu Yajun, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and other leaders went deep into the project site of Huamao (Gansu) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate the construction situation of the provincial major construction project - composite ceramics and refractory integration project, accompanied by Wang Shimin and Li Hao, deputy general manager of Huamao New Materials.

Wang Shimin and Li Hao, deputy general manager of Huamao New Materials, welcomed the arrival of all leaders and made a detailed report on the overall planning, construction progress, product advantages, and application fields of the integrated project of composite ceramics and refractory materials.


At the construction site, vice mayor Hu Zhiyong carefully listened to the project progress, understood the restrictive factors existing in the project construction process, the difficult problems of the project construction, and put forward guiding opinions on the project construction progress and safety production.He emphasized that the project is a turning point in the Qingshui industry, and it is necessary to take a "fight" attitude, "seize" the momentum, focus on "seize the progress", truly focus on practical work, keep a close eye on the time nodes, provide sufficient personnel and equipment, reverse the construction schedule, wall chart operations, seize every minute, efficiently construct, and ensure high-quality and efficient completion of project construction tasks. We must always tighten the string of safety production, strictly control safety production and engineering quality, and firmly adhere to project construction safety production.

Wang Shimin and Li Hao, deputy general managers of Huamao New Materials, expressed gratitude to the leaders for their guidance and concern, and showed their willingness to continue to press forward, promote the project construction with high quality and efficiency, fully promote project construction with efficiency and speed, so as to ensure the early completion of the project and bring benefits into play.