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Wishing to the sea, we encounter in Wutong Li Resort Hotel

Time:2023-08-05 14:50:16

In the place where you can see the sea, there is a warm resort hotel. Here, you can experience a half secular and half romantic life.

 A table, a chair, a cup of tea and a meal are all prepared by heart.

You can enjoy the present to the fullest, just let life take its course, regardless of whether you advance or retreat,

Wutong Li  guards your every moment.


The Early morning ----- Sunrise in the east

The morning in Wutong Li is always quiet and wonderful, and the sound of the waves awakens the pleasant mood of the day.

When the sun rises on the sea, the golden light shines brightly, and the gulls and egrets fly gracefully, which opens up a new frontier of the soul that has been sealed for a long time.

At this moment, the sea is surging and quiet, clear and glorious. The person who accompanies you to watch the sunrise is more gentle and romantic than the sea.

The Afternoon-----A cloudless blue sky

ff8a7eeb4f320b9ec82e48e2893f7fbThe sunshine at the seaside in the afternoon always comes with warmth.

Take a nap and cook a pot of Rizhao green tea,then pick up a book in the Wutong Li  library.

The fragrance of tea reaches the lungs, calming and pleasing to the heart.

Slow down and feel the flow of time, grinding the afternoon into a leisurely taste.

The dusk-----A cool breeze is blowing

The sea breeze shattered a hint of sunset,strolling leisurely into the sunset glow.

Put a gentle sea breeze into your pocket, feeling everything alive.

All the anxiety and fatigue fade with the tide.The sun returns to the mountains and seas, and the mountains and seas hold profound meanings.


When the sunset falls into the distant starry field,the children play recklessly in the water park,while you, sitting on the swing, watch the night fall which is dotted with stars.

The lights flicker on the lawn, like stars scatter on the ground.

Under the sky, the pleasant singing accompanied by the aroma of barbecue permeates the surroundings of the hotel.

Delicacy is not only the pleasure of the taste buds, but also a mediator for the soul.

Blowing the sea breeze, comfortable and free, now we finally have time to talk about life and ideals.


Words in the End

The sun rises and the moon sets, breaking out of the heavy encirclement of the earth.Then play a unique sea pastoral song in the world.

The waves roll up and fade away, and the past is also surging in the heart, but they will be far away with the sea breeze.

Take your time and look forward to it, all the good things will come to you!

Since its operation, Huamao Wutong Li Resort Hotel, the cultural and tourism industry sector of the Group, has quickly grasped the hot demand for summer vacation tours. With its excellent operation capability and product strength, it has braved the wind and waves in the market to achieve the hot state of full rooms upon opening, and has published a succession of "awesome" report cards. Thanks for meeting, let's meet in Wutong Li! Your arrival is our greatest encouragement! The hotel will continue to explore and develop its own advantages, enrich corresponding supporting facilities, and provide comprehensive and thoughtful services to customers with more full enthusiasm!