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Huamao · Wutong Li Resort Hotel - Our encounter starts here

Time:2023-07-14 11:35:45

Choose a hotel overlooking the sea to rest and slowly feel the romance of Rizhao, a seaside town. Let's slow down and play a protagonist of ourselves in Huamao · Wutong Li.


Huamao · Wutong Li welcomes tourists from all over the world every day.People stop on the central street of the hotel, walking in the afterglow of the sunset, and returning from the seaside delightfully.The happiness on the faces of intimate lovers and playful children who have been swept by the sea breeze falls with the sunshine and sways with the sea breeze.

Meet you by the sea.In Huamao · Wutong Li, you can see the ocean of stars. You can wait for the blooming of the sea spray, watch the rising sun, and enjoy the beach under the scorching sun.In the sunset, the afterglow and the evening breeze are gentle.Walk into your exclusive courtyard, take a hot bath, wash away the fatigue and heat, sip a sip of mellow and delicious Rizhao green tea, and then stroll in the secular world. Sitting on the bench in the courtyard, you can have a Rizhao specialty seafood barbecue, drink a sip of chilled Qingdao draft beer, and caress your mortal heart.


Escape from the city, from the hustle and bustle, from the never-ending traffic. Eating, playing, living in Huamao · Wutong Li, where there are perfect supporting facilities, which will give you a comfortable journey, as well as meticulous and thoughtful services, which will give you a homecoming experience.


I hope our efforts will make you remember the charming seaside town of Rizhao!

To gather together for pleasure, and make friends with guests,

                                         Attentive service and exquisite guest rooms make check-in feel like being at home.

This is where your footsteps belong, this is the station of your heart,

It's not limited to summer,it's the days ahead!