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Tianshui Municipal Party Secretary Feng Wenge visited Huamao New Materials for inspection and guidance

Time:2023-07-14 11:17:48

On the morning of July 13, Feng Wenge, Secretary of the CPC Tianshui Municipal Committee, accompanied by Li Juxia, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qingshui County Committee and County Chief, Gao Jianping, Deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee, Song Xianxiong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingshui County Committee and Executive Deputy County Chief, went deep into the site of Huamao new materials project to investigate the construction of the provincial major construction project - composite ceramics and refractory integration project. Xu Liang, Chairman of Shandong Huamao Holding Group, accompanied the investigation.


Chairman Xu Liang warmly welcomed the arrival of all leaders and gave a detailed report on the overall planning, construction progress, product advantages, application fields, and development trends of the integrated project of composite ceramics and refractory materials both domestically and internationally.The overall planned road network of the project has completed the construction of the main subgrade. Smelting workshops No. 1 & 2, and deep processing workshops 2, a total of more than 70,000 square meters is currently in the process of intense construction.


Secretary Feng Wenge said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the development of new materials and new industries, and the development of industrial enterprises is the top priority of the development of Qingshui County, Tianshui City. Hoping that Huamao could grasp this good development opportunity and accelerate the pace of construction. The relevant departments of the city and county should give more policy support and help to the project construction, put it into production as soon as possible, so as to develop and strengthen the enterprises and make greater contributions to the economy of Tianshui City.