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Wutong Li Resort Hotel in the misty rain , a dream at the beginning of life || The Huamao wutong Li Resort Hotel in the group cultural and tourism sector has a trial operation!

Time:2023-07-01 13:35:43

Passing through the hustle and bustle of the city

Driving into the green field, the sea breeze blows in the face

Waves rise on the sea, telling stories of Wutong Li

Not far away

The Wutong Li  Hotel in the style of white bricks and gray tiles 

stands in the blue sky and green grass

Its proximity to the sea makes it even brighter

On June 30, the Huamao Wutong Li Resort Hotel in the cultural and tourism sector of Shandong Huamao Holding Group was put into trial operation. The hotel is located at the seaside of Shanhaitian Tourism Resort in Rizhao, Shandong Province, facing the sea across the way.The hotel is surrounded by the best tourist resources in Rizhao. It is close to the Peach Blossom Island Scenic Area, Rizhao Marine Science Museum, Coastal National Forest Park, and the third bathing beach. It is 4 kilometers away from Dongyi Town and 5 kilometers away from Rizhao Marine Park, allowing you to experience the blessing and happiness of running to the sea as soon as you go out.




Huamao Wutong Li is a multi-functional resort hotel integrating accommodation, catering, water park, swimming pool, SPA, fitness, leisure and entertainment, providing you with comprehensive and considerate service.

Guest Room

Huamao Wutong Li Resort Hotel has 164 guest rooms in total, including courtyard luxurious big bed rooms,courtyard deluxe double bed rooms , Wutong courtyard suites, Wutong courtyard parent-child rooms and so on.This allows you to enjoy the cool summer time amidst the swaying shadows of trees, white bricks and gray tiles, and the gentle sea breeze.





The hotel restaurant with high design and tall french window will have a panoramic view of the endless blue sea and sky, meeting your desire to see the sea while dining.With exquisite cooking skills and selected local freshest ingredients, the chef will create a tongue tip memory that belongs to Wutong Li for you.


With mountains and seas as the book, the gentle breeze turns the pages

In Wutong Li, let's slow down and enjoy life together

Mountains, oceans and fields will always be waiting for you here.

With the sun, moon and stars as gifts ,

We sincerely invite the arrival of every free soul.

Looking forward to your coming.