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Feel the serenity of rice dumplings and meet again with Dragon Boat Festival

Time:2023-06-27 11:08:55

The fragrance and tranquility of zongzi always evoke memories of the great poet - Qu Yuan in people's hearts.He is a person who stands alone on the land of Chu Huai,looking up to the sky to sing "Nine songs", bowing down to sing "Li Sao", and searching up and down. It is his integrity to say, "Although the whole world is corrupted, I am distinct alone,though all of the people is drunk I will be waked.". ''The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep”is his majesty.In memory of Qu Yuan, we have a traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival.The remembrance of Qu Yuan has given a festival the depth of a river.The adherence to traditional culture makes a nation have a hotter temperature.


There are some specific delicacies that are indispensable in Chinese traditional festivals, which constitute the memory symbols of Chinese people for festivals.A row of green wormwood, a wisp of zongzi fragrance, sent in fleeting years, hidden in time.Zongzi, the warmest memory of the Dragon Boat Festival, maintains the emotion that blood is thicker than water in the earthly fireworks.In the bustling lights of thousands of families, customs are deeply rooted in people's hearts through inheritance, and culture flourishes through continuity.As the first Chinese traditional festival to be selected as the world's Intangible cultural heritage, the Dragon Boat Festival carries diverse and profound national culture, and is engraved with the unique romance and feelings of Chinese people.It not only rooted the patriotism, traditional virtues, and moral strength of the Chinese nation into the hearts of the people,but also condensed our most unique emotional sustenance for home and country.


On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Huamao Holdings Group has prepared exquisite holiday gifts to express our care and blessings to every Huamao person. In this millennium long traditional festival, may everyone taste sweet,peaceful and healthy in midsummer!