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Help rural revitalization -- Shandong Huamao Holding Group comfort the rural people in need

Time:2022-10-20 10:16:08

In the morning of 11th January, 2022, the operation “Ten thousand enterprises help prosper ten thousand villages, and private enterprises help rural revitalization organized by Rizhao donggang district federation of industry and commerce. Rizhao donggang district federation of industry and commerce related leaders and invited enterprises such as Shandong Huamao Holding Group attended. Together arrived at the West Lake town Zhang Guzhuang village, West Lake town Dizhujian two village, Chen Tuan town Yan village, send rice, flour, oil, milk and other living materials to the poor people, with their kind mind.

It is the duty of the enterprise to give back to the society and care for the people in need. We hope our little contribution can bring warmth to the people in need in this cold winter and let these folks have a warm and carefree Spring Festival.

Shandong Huamao Holding Group will continue to uphold the concept of "Improve ourselves when we are poor, and change the world when we are prosperous", in the continuous development and growth, we spare no effort to give back to the society and express thanks to the society. Let us all join hands to transfer warmth with the philanthropic heart and make greater contributions to creating harmonious, civilized and happy Rizhao.