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“Let love rise and shine life”--- Group awarded honorary title of "Rizhao Voluntary Blood Donation Advanced Working Group".

Time:2022-10-20 10:14:08

    On the afternoon of 28th, September 2021, Voluntary Blood Donation Award Ceremony of "Let love rise and shine Life" was grandly held in the studio hall of Rizhao Radio and Television Station. The award ceremony was sponsored by the Rizhao Voluntary Blood Donation Committee, the CPC Rizhao  Committee Propaganda Department, Rizhao Health Committee, the CPC Rizhao Committee and Municipal Office Working Committee, the Communist Youth League Rizhao Committee, Rizhao Education Bureau, Rizhao Red Cross, and undertaken by Rizhao Central Blood Station, Rizhao Radio and Television Station, and the deputy mayor Lin Yanqin and other leaders attended and presented awards. 

The award ceremony gave statement and praise to 21 advanced working group in voluntary blood donation work, 15 advanced collectives in voluntary blood donation service, 20 advanced individuals in voluntary blood donation work and 768 advanced individuals in voluntary blood donation. The representatives of the winners of the National Voluntary Blood Donation Award and the National Voluntary Blood Donation Promotion individual Award were presented. Shandong Huamao Holding Group won the honorary title of "Rizhao Voluntary Blood Donation Advanced Working Group".

We are deeply honored and proud to receive this award. The group will continue to play its leading role in the promotion of voluntary blood donation care and support the cause of voluntary blood donation and spread positive social energy to make greater contributions to people for enjoying safe blood, protecting the health of people and building healthy Rizhao always.

Blood, is the source of life, is flowing of the truth love, is the flame of hope which light up countless lives. This year are the 30th anniversary of Rizhao Central blood station. During the past 30 years, it has accumulated 450,000 times of voluntary blood donation, total blood donation reached 134 tons, and 100% of the blood for clinical use comes from voluntary blood donation in R izhao. One bag of blood, save lives, one love, warm others, we together, will be great. Let us all bravely stretch out our arms, pass the love together, warm the beautiful city of Rizhao.